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Default Gen-TV Axes "The Malones"; cuts "Homicide" order

Gen-TV News:
A Hollywood Insider Report

Responding to the most recent TV ratings, Gen-TV is making two big moves today. First up, the network has finally and officially pulled the plug on struggling drama "The Malones"; a spin-off of "The Mallory's of Jefferson County" that never really found its footing. It has languished in the bottom-half of the ratings since its debut and has routinely lost viewers each week. Reviews were slightly more kind than ratings, as reviewers enjoyed the campy quality and embraced the fact the series leaned into its soapy roots hard.

The series which will finish the remainder of the season will not return next season. This has been expected all along, and now Gen-TV has finally confirmed it. Gen-TV President Ross Chin called this decision "frustrating and difficult to make; but necessary given the economic issues related to this show." He says "creatively this show was top-notch, but we just could not sustain the financials another season."

It is unknown at this time if any characters or performers from "The Malones" will migrate over to "The Mallory's of Jefferson County", as producers "have not yet made that decision." Sources tell us that they aren't even sure if Susan Sullivan will be brought back to reprise her role as matriarch Nancy Malone Mallory.

In other news, Gen-TV is cutting the episode order for "Boston Homicide" from 22 to 19, meaning the series will wrap up production on its current season next week. Though the series was given an early renewal back in January sources tell us that Gen-TV's support in this show may be fading, and that if it is scheduled for next season, it would probably be in mid-season.
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