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Originally Posted by wiseguy182
To your credit, I don't feel I was singled out. Since I was the only one on here who retired and came back, I thought I would stick up for kadrmas on this issue because I could tell the same thing that was happening to him had happened to me: and I don't want anyone getting ganged up on, especially when they don't deserve it.

Justin, you can say what you want to me. This forum is nothing compared to everything I've endured in life. While I do respond to things I disagree with, I'm extremely thick skinned.

To you and everyone, I will state again: You misintrepreted my final post from awhile back: I was just trying to let you all know that, while I do post some comments that come off as kind of abrasive, I am still a very nice person. That is the only thing I intended to accomplish in the post, other than let people know I had planned on leaving. No sticking it to enemies or seeking praise.

I read your comment on people on other boards that have retired and come back, but how were we supposed to know that? Outside of a twilight zone forum I joined just last week, I don't post anywhere else regularly.

As for the Awsi business, I wouldn't mention it if I didn't keep reading comments about how much Awsi is missed. I still don't get it. He only quit because he couldn't post off topic anymore, and told us what we were all doing is worthless: yet had he not been told that, he would still be posting here. I wasn't going to mention this, but there were two separate occasions where he went out of his way to mention the color of skin of ciminals (on cases that happened where he lived, not on UM). He was busy yapping it up about Las vegas, politics and football while we were all sympathizing for victims. Discriminatory comments about bikers and rooting for the scammers to get away scot free. Does this not bother anyone else?

I understand this isn't pleasant to talk about, but I think it's necessary.
Wiseguy - To be honest, I really don't see this going any further. I feel like my posts have served their purpose - to let you and anyone else who may care to know why there is some times a backlash to retirement posts. I have no desire to dig up your specific retirement post and pick it apart and rehash all that. You've stated your position on why you felt the way you did when you wrote the post, and that's fine.

As for AWSI, I liked his posts. I used to travel to Vegas a lot so I did find them interesting, even though, as you have pointed out, a lot of the stuff he wrote wasn't about UM. I was unaware of the racist comments. If he did make such remarks, then that is a whole 'nother can of worms. I don't recall what was said, and if you want to point out what he said, I would be interested in reading those comments. I believe you are being truthful, yet I don't care to go searching through all his posts to find them. But if he did make racist remarks, that is really not cool, and I may have to reevaluate.
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