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Originally posted by NEWHART FAN
Her name is Lorna, isn't that pretty? But don't tell her that I told you!
*sings* (To the tune of Barry Manilow's "Lola")
Her name is Lorna,
AKA Mossopp,
but see she wants no one to know
cuz she is in-cog-ni-to...

Her voice is Scottish,
Well liked by millions...
although some thought she was a guy
moo stands and proudly says "not i"

she is a real cool lass, at times she is a gas
and she's just ONE of the freaks here

At the Sitcoms (Chit)...Sitcoms Online Board (Chit Chat)
This site TJ runs cuz he is lord (yeah!)
At the Sitcoms (Chat), Sitcoms Onliiiiiine Board...
Sitcoms, Division, see what you've been missin
Here at Chit Chat...we all have fun.

Ok, so it came to me in a stroke of brilliance, and I think it's cute. If you know the song, it's even cuter.

I remember just about all of you, mainly from your pictures and LOOOOOOOONG signatures...but I'm terrible with names, so I'm not even gonna start mentioning people here cuz I'll have to go look it up like 50 times. Cept Max, Karli, Bootsy, TJ, Kellie, Mossopp, ks, babalu, Sean Snow, goddess, and others that go to the OTHER boards.

**moo, who feels more loved now that people remembered they forgot her**
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