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Blair, known to some of you as Kerri, cause she is so fun to argue with, and such a bleached blonde Spe my spazzin' sista, and boy do we I guess she might could be considered my non-enemy

Max because his hair is of abnormal color. He enjoys country music, which is a rarity these days for peepz my age, and he's MAX!

Tiffany, fellow Mary Higgins Clark lover and good friend...even offered to ship me snow this winter

Karli, BLOODY NORA! She's Karli, what else needs to be said? Always changing her mind about who her favorite actress is...

LP, who might be known as Kaley, cause she's a fellow NMK admirer and she's food just like me!

Jeff, CC, he's food too, and he loves takin' naps! That makes him my soul broda!

Jamie, sister Jamie, we're gonna have our own sitcom...

Susan, typoqueen, totally cool-nuff said. Even though she cursed me...

Miranda, very nice person-let's me get sneak peeks of all her new additions to her site

Lauren, she certainly hides under the bed alot...

KT, talk about someone who loves hockey...

Gracie, moofoomoo, very her own lil' way.

WingsFan,BootsyWoosh, and Mossopp...funny yet sincere.

Coily2, I'll always remember her as the one trying to get her husband to enjoy FOL.

Michele, fellow FOL lover and certifiably insane ever since she spent all that time watching TD commercials... in the world does he know so much about sitcoms at his age?!

Jenny, one letter away from Jinny

Ags2000, she met Lisa twice in one week...but who's counting!

WOW, there are tons more...

Must go to bed though so I'll post more manana (espanol for tomorrow...the only word I really know and it's probably wrong...) Off to my hole, and for those I've forgotten don't worry, I'll remember ya brought us all together---THANKS!

"Ya gotta have a little faith." C.D. DeLerenzo
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