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Default My favs :P

[D= Dorothy, B= Blanche, R= Rose, S= Sophia, St= Stanley and others have their names used first]

D: I told Ma about us
St: How did she react?
D: she took it well
St: chest pain?
D: you remember...
St: Hey, who could forget the wedding day.

D: Stepping on a crack won't break your mother's back

D: Oh, look, scrunched up little frown kind of reminds me of my mother *cruch*(Smash with a little "hammer")

Repair man: The old lady next door is running through the sprinklers in her underwear.
D: There's no old lady living....MA!!!!!!!

Sophia: When the moon hits your eye like big pizza pie, that's an omen
When the world seems to shine like u've had too much wine, that's an omen

D: I haven't read Apartment 3G since 1961.
B:Oh, well, lemme catch you up. It's later the same day

D: I swear to you, I thought I was setting the parking brake

more will be posted
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