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Originally Posted by 80sTrivia
Although the three remaining actresses still had great chemistry together, without Bea Arthur and the fact that the entire premise of the show changed to a hotel location just didn't mesh with fans of the original series.

I'm inclined to agree with this. I've watched a few episodes of Golden Palace now, and don't think there's anything so terribly wrong with Golden Palace as a show, taken by itself. I just don't feel like I'm watching the same people I "got to know" in Golden Girls. Rose's character changes are admittedly for the better in some ways. Stan faking his death to escape the IRS I can almost reconcile with Golden Girls. I mean, in GG he did try to get Sophia to fake paralysis, to trump up a lawsuit.

Miles two-timing Rose and not knowing who to choose? Hardly the same character. The guy had his faults in GG, (and if I were Rose I would have asked a lot more questions about how 'involved' he was with the Cheeseman) but he (Miles/Nick) jumped out of a plane and broke out of the witness protection program for her. It would have worked a little better if Mid-Winter Night's Dream had been the last GG appearance of Miles. There they wrote him a whole speech about not being sure he could live with Rose's little ways every day - and I thought that sounded off from the rest of the series, too.

Plus, I don't think the whole basic premise of the friendships works as well when two members of the circle are these guys (Roland and Chuy) that Blanche and Rose and Sophia just met.
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