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Default THE GG reunion my it is!

Chapter 1:

Scene (Golden Palace Hotel)

Rose: Oh I cant believe that it's that time again! Summer!

Sophia: Good Rose, you got this one right for a change!

Rose: Sophia, you know what I mean! Summer! Tourist season! You know what that means dont you?

Sophia: It means that we need to get cracking! Summer is a time for tourists, yes, but a great time for me to get a good tip, or two, or three, or even four (walks around picking the wallets out of guys pockets gently and taking their money)

Rose: Sophia!

Sophia: Oh! What can I say, I'm an old lady! I'm losing my mind! It's the old age, it gets you go sir, and you sir, and you sir.

Man: What about my money?

Sophia: You, here! You need a haircut and some new clothes, heres a 20 on me!

Man: Thanks!

Blanche: Oh! Girls! You'll never guess what!

Sophia: You got another man?

Blanche: Better! I got Dorothy!

Sophia: What!

Blanche: I got Dorothy to come down here for a visit!

Sophia: Oh, for a moment there, I thought that you were a little a litle fruity!

Blanche: You know I'm not that way...remember! We had that talk before (Flashback to when Rose was loved by the woman who was a lesbian and Blanche thinks it means Lebanese)

Sophia: Well, what do you know! My Dororthy is coming to visit mama! It's been almost 3 years since we last saw her!

Rose: Yeah, the last time she was here, she, Lucas, and little Rodger were quite happy as a family!

Sophia: Ya, it was nice of them to take in little 10 year old Roger. I mean, he was so nice back then! I wonder how he will be now as a teenager? I hope he's not like Dorothy and knocks up the first yutz he sees!

Rose: I'm sure Roger is fine Sophia, he is really into St. Olaf! So he's like me...a first timer who waits!

Sophia: No kidding, but when will he have his first time? I hope it's not soon, liek Dorothy did when she was in highschool.

Blanche: Oh Girls! It will be so great to see Dorothy again!

Rose: Well, I'm off!

Blanche: Where to?

Rose: Remember, I am working as a trucker to help move people to their new homes. I have to head down to east Miami, but dont know the address I have to go to. I have to call their it is...I need to see where there house is located! Oh! I wonder why they would want to move from east Miami! I mean, I wonder why we ever moved in the first place...I mean...

Sophia: We've been through it already Rose!

Blanche: Yeah, Dorothy will be here tomorrow! Now get outa here and get them people packing! We want to have everything on time for when Dorothy arrives!


Stay Tuned for the next chapter...

***Spoiler for chapter 2***

Rose gets the surprise of her life when she heads to East Miami!
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