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Originally Posted by catlover79
Dorothy finds ex hubby Stan and her sister Gloria together in Dorothy's bed.
Dorothy: Officers, shoot these people!
Officer #1: We can only shoot looters, ma'am.
Dorothy: I understand. Stan, pick up the TV on your way out.

Dorothy: Blanche, you're all talk and no action...just like your sex life.
Blanche: Are you saying that I'm not a tramp? Just why do you think they call me the female Ted Kennedy?
Dorothy: Because you look like him.

Dorothy arrives to the Golden Palace Hotel.
Chuy: Oye, Mamacita! Do you move as good a you look?
Dorothy: Walk away now and noone gets hurt!
Chuy: You must be Dorothy!

Minutes later...
Cab Driver: Excuse me, Miss? I was counting this fair and I think you forgot the tip.
Dorothy: A tip? A tip. Let's review your performance, shall we? You ran over my luggage. You took the freeway during rush hour and you stopped your car three times to sell fruit out the back of trunk. A tip? Walk away now and no one gets hurt!
Roland: You must be Dorothy!

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