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Originally Posted by Anderbobo
No, even from the start Rose was an airhead, not just naive. Look at the pilot episode.

Dorothy: Anyway, we were laughing and giggling, and I completely forgot that I was older. You know, I just felt like one of the girls. So we had a wonderful time. And then I got into my car and caught a glimpse of myself and I almost had a heart attack. This old woman was in the mirror. I didn't even recognize her.
Rose: Who was it?


Rose: Charlie and I waited two whole years before he and I got married.
Dorothy: I got married before my father finished the sentence.
Rose: You married your father?

That's not naivete; it's stupidty.
Both of those instances can be debated. After all, like Betty says, Rose took everything literally, at face value. She has been extremely na´ve her whole life.

Later in the series, unfortunately, they played her up as being "dumb". That, and sacrificing character truth for easy jokes is why I don't own seasons 5-7 on DVD; I will watch them on TV, I just don't care to own them for my own personal GG "canon".
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