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Originally Posted by FBH75
to do the show? Was it because she just wanted another project or maybe retire? Boy, it sure killed the show when she left. I never watched the Golden Palace because I never knew it ever existed until I read about the show on this board. But her presence in Golden Girls was bigger than I thought because Golden Palace only lasted one season or at least that is what I understand.
Money and she wanted more say in the writing once Terry Hughes left. She didn't trust the new "kids" as she put it and wanted more creative control in the series. Therefore, she surely was not going to go on with Golden Palace. It was discussed as a possibility of having Lee Grant to replace her in the role of Dorothy for Golden Palace, and not marry her off. Almost happened, never did. Plus, Estelle Getty felt it would be uncomfortable to have to try and re-create the same chemistry with a new actress.

Additionally, the idea of a fifth and new Golden Girl was spoken about to run the desk. However, the writers felt it would be too overwhelming to have 5 women. Possibility of Lucille Ball for this role was talked about but they thought it would be better to have a man in the role to compliment the women in the work world, and to show that women can work at an older age as well. Not only that, Lucille Ball did not want to be in an ensemble role which is why she turned down the role that was taken in an earlier episodes of Golden Girl by Debbie Reynolds. Janet DuBois was also considered.
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