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Default Growing Pains - The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

The Seavers are back again, and this time, they're adding to the family! In the fourth season of Growing Pains, we have the birth of a Seaver and Jason gets a stepfather (whether he wants it or not). Along the way, we see Mike trying to deal with the trials and tribulations of what happens in the real world, after high school graduation. Meanwhile, Carol is also growing up, getting ready to go to college, and even has a new boyfriend named Sandy (Matthew Perry)... a relationship that ends in a very special episode that could be described as one of the saddest episodes of a sitcom ever. And Ben is somehow shooting into puberty, and facing all of the consequences of that.

Like the third season, this release is a Warner Archive release, which means that you will only be able to order it from the select online retailers.

Read our review by skees53 here:

Please post any questions or comments about this set.
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