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Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
Good grief, how much more can I spell this out? YES, I SAID IT.
You actually still haven't said that their purpose in being on the show was to compete about who has the most pathetic post-acting life. But I did say it, so we're past that. It just takes us deeper below the usual nonexistent line of credibility you'd attach to the Stern show.

Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
In her case, I believe her. I explained why I believe her. I explained (for the third time now) why I believe her, even though she was made this revelation on Howard Stern's show (who else was calling her to talk)? If you don't believe her, fine, you don't have to believe her. I believe her. And I believe Lauren Chapin, too. Do you doubt her as well?
I didn't pay any attention to the other two people. I have no doubt that Howard Stern wouldn't have her on the show unless she agreed to say something horrendous. I have no expectation that Stern would have any preference whether what she said was true or not.

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