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Originally Posted by Retro4Life
As far as Mike and Gloria go, I get it. Archie and Edith were not rich people, and the likelihood of them heading out to CA on any kind of regular basis was pretty small (they did end up going out once). Sure Mike and Gloria could have made it back easier, but Mike's starting salary probably wasn't huge and might make it possible for one or maybe two trips a year to NY. That isn't a 'forever' goodbye, but it sure is a huge change and I think the Bunkers were totally justified in acting like things would never be the same again, because they couldn't be.
re:All in the family
go back to the time frame the show was on
First, Archie was not poor, he was middle class, his house was paid for by then, and he should have had a nice pension plan and retirement money.
BUt, back then, there were some very cheap airlines (remember Laker Air?)
and flying was not only for rich people.
While not too often, but once a year one would go west, once a year the others go east not out of the question if the parents and children wanted to see each other especially during the holidays.
And, why couldn't Edith and Archie move west? What really was keeping them tied down?
(thinking way too much at 3am in the morning).

It wasn't like 1930s or the ultra-sad movie with Beulah Bondi and Victor Moore"Make way for Tommorrow" in the 1930s, (perhaps the saddest and most beautiful tear jerker of all time, saw it on TCM one Saturday night a few years ago.)
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