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And I didn't care for any of the flashback episodes(although the one segment in one rather boring flashback episode about cakes,where Rose takes Dorothy to see "Mr.HaHa,the clown",WAS funny.When Dorothy is going to throw a cream pie at Mr.Ha Ha ,Mr.Ha Ha warns her that the bandleader's cousin is Mr.Lawyer,and says "Besides it's not the adult thing to do"Dorothy doesn't do it.Then a little 6-year old boy DOES-by hitting Mr.HaHa in the face with a cream pie.He then says "Happy Birthday,Dorothy".Dorothy smiles.This ,as I said,was the bright spot in a rather dull and boring flashback episode.about cakes.ANOTHER not very good flashback episode was when the President came to visit.The ONLY really good part about the episode,was when the President (voice only)came to call,and Dorothy,all set to tell him about the education problem,got a case of stage fright the end). is offline   Reply With Quote