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Default It was a classic

The final season had some of the best plots in its entire run. In the final season Klink painted the wind and was convinced that he was a great painter. I believe the Byron Buckles episode where Schultz had the role of Klink and Klink was demoted to play the role of Schultz (otherwise, there is no picture) was during the final season. The episode where Shultz thought he was recording a song for Newkirk's Hollywood uncle and Klink recorded with his violin string quartet was during the final year. HH was getting better as the seasons rolled along. The show was not out of ideas and probably could have remained strong another year or two. The people who decided to put HH on the airwaves must have been brave knowing that they would be criticized by many people. However, HH proved to be a show that deserves to rank in the top 10 and its popularity in reruns is proof that the people who put it on the CBS schedule made the right decision.
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