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BLANCHE: Look at the way she's flirting with him! Disgusting!
ROSE: You flirted with him.
BLANCHE: I'm from the south. Flirting is part of my heritage.
ROSE: What do you mean?
DOROTHY: Her mother was a slut too.

DOROTHY: There is more to Edie than meets the eye. But all we have in common is under the sheets.
ROSE: What's under the sheets?
DOROTHY: His cappuccino maker.

DOROTHY: I have a date tonight.
BLANCHE: With a man?
DOROTHY: No, Blanche. With a venus fly trap.

DOROTHY: Stanley, you're a pig in a cheap suit.
STANLEY: You know, for two cents...
DOROHY: You could buy a better toupet?
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