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Originally Posted by phillipscurve
Do you think that Consagra was involved in the murders, but didn't pull the trigger himself?. Also, sorry about my ignorance, but I haven't heard about Kevin Poulson before. Who is he? and, What is his connection with Consagra's case?
Mr O'Reilly,

I am Kevin Poulsen! (alright not really) but I am "DarkDante" which is a pseudonym Poulsen used back in the 80s when he was a rather notorious hacker who got himself into trouble by figuring out how to hack into Arpanet and obtain secret government documents regarding the United States investigation into former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. In addition to acquiring top secret information on Marcos, Poulsen also used his superior computer skills to rig a radio call in contest netting himself a Porsche and also managed to hack into a local high school's computer changing all of his friends' grades.

Poulsen was featured on "Unsolved Mysteries" and was eventually captured as a result of the show. He served 51 months in prison and upon his release went straight using his superior computer skills in recent years to track down and identify registered sex offenders using MySpace to solicit sex from children.

When I registered for the "Sitcoms Online" board I used the alias "DarkDante" as its one of my favorite segments on the show. I also awhile back posted a lengthy analysis of the Consagra case which is what Justin is referring to here...
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