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Originally Posted by IdolFan
When Rose gets her mouth covered by Dorothy in the Pilot episode, what do you think the scent of Dorothy's hand was? Also, when you pause the episode right after Rose and Dorothy turn around after Dorothy yells "be too long", it looks like such a neat and perfect pose when Dorothy has her thumb next to Rose's nose, when you see their profiles. I was just asking and giving my opinion. I apologize for sounding weird or strange.
I'm not sure what the significance of the scent was, but I do like this anecdote:

Dorothy:"You know,I had the shock of my life today.I was in the teachers lounge talking to a group of girls in their 20's.They were so pretty.At that age,you don't even have to be pretty and you're pretty. Anyway,we were laughing and giggling and having a great time and I completely forgot that I was older.I just felt like one of the girls and we had a wonderful time.Then I got into my car and caught a glimpse of myself and I almost had a heart attack.This old woman was in the mirror. didn't even recognize her".

Rose:"Who was it?"

(Dorothy pauses for a long time,then glares at Rose)

Dorothy:"It was me!"
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