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Originally Posted by bandonurse
Shouldn't really speak for the deceased I guess, especially since I never even met Bea, but my guess would be that she actually loved Betty, but resented her. I mean, could you not like Betty White?

But liking someone and being jealous of them are two different things. No doubt Betty made delightful company, so why wouldn't Bea want to have lunch with her? Plus refusing to would make her look pretty petty.

As I've said before, my impression is that Bea resented the fact that Betty was everything she wasn't.... Feminine, big blue eyes, beautiful facial bone structure, and a gorgeous sweet smile. Normal female voice. Normal female height. Cheerful, sweet disposition.

To top it off, Betty's husband (as far as we know) was loving and faithful to her till his death. Bea's.....sadly, not. Just saying this is what appears obvious to me. Not pretending to know this for sure.
That's a fair guess, but I would think that by the time Bea was in her 40s or 50s she would have come to accept who she was and use it, which seems to be exactly what she did. She wasn't the cute one, she was the tough one. You give a really nice description of Betty White, but really they were all 4 older women whose looks weren't really important at that point, it was their character that was the most important factor at that point.

It sounds like Bea needed to be focused and concentrate on her work at all times while working while Betty is one of those lucky people who takes things lightly while still being on when it's necessary and can slip in and out of work (and character) with great ease.
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