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Originally Posted by bandonurse
I think she felt she was more of an actress than Betty. Mom came from Broadway.

In other words, she was a colossal snob.

"Betty starred on a game show at one point"? At one point?

Are you freakin' kidding me? Betty White starred in two television shows in the early days of TV. Life With Elizabeth and Date With the Angels. She has done numerous motion pictures. (How many movies was Bea Arthur in?) And she was a FAVORITE guest on so many early television shows even Betty herself probably can't remember them all.

And since when does "coming from Broadway" justify calling someone "the c word" or giving her own son the impression that she was "more of an actress" than she was? Let's face it. She mistreated Betty. She mistreated Estelle Getty, and she mistreated an entire Broadway audience one night just because she got drunk.

Nice try, Matthew. I get loved your mother. But you just provided more proof to the rumor that she was a bea-otch, without meaning to.
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