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Default The GG Colection and Lifetime People Series

Originally Posted by pamala
I do have each season now, however does anyone remember "lifetime" doing those Original People Series.If my memory serves me right it was all women.I am lucky to have each of the Golden Girls, my jaw dropped when I found out Bea Arthur and Angela Lansberry were the best of friends and for many many years. Also the collection has a Golden Girls DVD, It has the outtakes and many behind the scene story's.I have not watched it for awhile but if I remember correctly the Golden Palace was the Head Writers idea and the three were still having fun and so they said why not? I do think it was workable but ! maybe Sophia should of had a less active roll, bring in Debbie Reynolds.... I do remember Rue saying that Bea just wanted to come in shoot and go home and was displeased if they had a line mess up and it wasted some time, in fact there is proof to just that on the DVD, she did not have a fit but she hurried back to the line; she just wanted to get home.It is very interesting if you can get your hands on it .One example, remember the time Blanche makes the calenders for Christmas? well unbeknown to the other ladies she had managed to get the crew to dress up for each month!; oh, as they did the run through, the look on each face was priceless,first shock then each one was laughing till they cried rolling on the couch.It was a fun little gag Rue pulled off. I will say this If Bea and Betty had problems with each other they did not spill over into 'work' (except the lines once in awhile) They were so funny and sold what the writers wrote; and I do admit that if there is a mess up, such as Micheal being 23 when he was to be married(I think?) I just shake my head and think 'boy the writers must know I love this show very much because they think I am really dumb, Micheal was found with Bridget in bed when he first came on the show at 29 and expected to be in college? I just did not care at the time because I was parked in a chair each Saturday it was originally on and did not care or notice.And bless there hearts as they worked a full season, some 36 shows! That is unheard of today. Okay I really need to hush up! sorry for dragging it out so long! loving the GG
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