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Default Hearts Afire - The Complete Series DVD Review

Hearts Afire is back on DVD...but this time in all one boxed set from another studio, Mill Creek Entertainment! Frustrations and sparks fly in Washington D.C. when Emmy and Golden Globe Award Winning comedian John Ritter (Hartman), a strict conservative, hires Georgie Anne (Markie Post, Night Court), a free spirited journalist, as his father's press secretary. Their mismatched political views lead to arguments...and attraction! Known as one of the best series of the '90s, Hearts Afire combines cutting edge comedy and colorful characters to create an unforgettable political farce! After their flaming fling in Washington, Season 2 brings new twists to the series. John and Georgie Anne pack up and move to a small Southern town, John's boyhood home. The newlywed couple soon finds out that quirky characters and fiscal frustrations are not only in Washington!

Starring sitcom veterans John Ritter and Markie Post, with Billy Bob Thornton, George Gaynes and Ed Asner this series stellar cast amuses with loveable characters and sly comic timing! Now see all 54 half-hours from all three seasons on a seven-disc DVDs set together in one special edition collection. Featuring memorable appearances by Rush Limaugh, Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) and cynical advice columnist played by Conchata Ferrell (Two and a Half Men). Also included are bloopers, outtakes and the unaired final episode all from the creator of Designing Women! The show was created & produced by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (Designing Women). Executive producers include Linda’s then husband, Harry Thomason and John Ritter’s business partner, Robert M. Myman. 

Read our review by Pavan here:

Please post any questions or comments about this set.
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