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Originally Posted by Dr. Thong
In all fairness, I heard that William Frawley was a pretty abrasive man, who drank heavily and did not treat Vivian Vance well. He may have brought some of that hate on himself. And Vance was not happy with being paired with a man who was old enough to be her father. I think Frawley was about 20 years older than Vance as I recall.
But that happens in hollywood! Louise Jefferson was old enough to be George Jefferson's FATHER eventhough they looked the same age and George may have actually looked a bit OLDER! Amazing yet they got along fine and even did guest spots and commericals together after the show was over.

I'm sure there have been worse people than William Frawley in Hollywood and they could've worked something out to do "The Metzes". Vance could've made Frawley sign a contract that he would change his abrasive ways or she has the right to leave the show anytime.

They could've made history even if they did ONE year of that show and you'd bet it would be on DVD!
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