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Originally Posted by bingbangbaby
I agree wholeheartedly. You know what I don't understand though? How come we and the FCC get all bent out of shape over a some butt but allow people being impaled, dismembered, or shot and their chests or heads exploding all over? Shows like 24, Supernatural, some of the Law and Order shows and others show some really gruesome things that I wouldn't want Aunt Alice or the kids to see either, but that seems ok. I'd almost rather see some butt than some splattered brains. Why do we and the FCC allow that but not nudity? And it seems like some of the violence on tv gets more and more graphic and we don't seem to say too much about it. How'd we ever get to where seeing our insides is better than seeing our outsides?
Law & Order? LOL. That's the tamest show going. The blood splatters in the rug upset you? I watched a couple of seasons of 24, and my husband's never missed an episode. Never saw any kind of the the violence you described. No splattered brains, nobody impaled, no exploding heads, nothing crazy gruesome. There's implied violence, where they start something, and the viewer knows what's going to happen. I don't know what you're watching. Must be on cable. I'm talking about Primetime Network TV. The Big 3. I see that raw violence in the many, many movies we rent from Netflix, at least five a week.

Besides, I think that the kind of nudity in that clip, which ran on ABC, is 100 times worse than a kid seeing a shoot-out between cops and robbers. If I had kids or someone over, I wouldn't have the Sci-fi Network on. They get crazy on that station, which is cable. I don't want anything thrust at me, without my consent. No wardrobe malfunctions at 8 pm, during a family Superbowl Halftime Show. I like to make my own viewing decisions.
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