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Originally Posted by shadowhawk
My moments for JTS are: Richie and the guys graduate high school. That would have been a perfect ending for a coming of age show.

Fonzie jumps over the shark in a leather jacket. Hello! You don't wear leather in water!

Richie and Ralph left. Fonzie has no one left to interact with. Roger felt forced and Potsie was too stupid, annoying and useless.

The introduction of characters like KC, Flip and the Belvin Brothers.

Fonzie goes monogamous with Ashley, only for the character to be gone the next season, having reconciled with her husband. That's just like when that lady with the little boy Bobby, reconciled with her husband. Fonzie seems to have trouble in actual relationships with women.

Fonzie letting Tom Hanks beat him up.

Fonzie in a bunny suit, no matter what the reason.
Agree with every point here, but I would have kept the show going through season 7 up til Ron Howard and Donny Most's departures.

I would have made the last episode of season 7 the college graduation for Richie Potsie and Ralph, perhaps even seeing them with plans to leave home and move forward with their lives, relationships and careers.

If season seven does eventually come out on DVD, I will get that and stop collecting there, because that's where the show really ends for me.
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