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This is a rather sad - yet powerful one. It was when Phil died and Sophia finally accepted it.

Sophia (crying): "My baby's gone!"

some various others....

Dorothy (accusing Sophia of spying): "Ma, if you weren't spying, then why was your faced pressed up against the crack?"

Sophia: "My face wasn't pressed up against the crack."

Rose; "That's what the crow said!"

Dorothy: "GET OUT!!!!!!!"


Rose: "You'll have to excuse Sophia"

Sophia: "Really? You heard that? I thought that I was safe backed up against these pillows."


(When the three girls are eating the foul-smelling crispies with their fingers holding their noses and Sophia walks in)

Sophia: "Come on, don't give me that. You couldn't have smelled that from down the hall!"

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