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We are lucky here in Oregon because we have so many options for poor people. In downtown there are so many places to get a hot meal, secular places, and mostly Churches. Also Sno Cap is a great one which i go to often for food. Luckily it's only a two minute walk from our house. You can get a box of food from them once or twice a month. They've been lifesavers for us on many occasions. So many housing options. The Salvation Army along with free clothes, also offers free meals often, and so if you are ever hungry, stop there and ask, and see what you find. You should check online for these kinds of things if you are struggling. If anyone ever needs help with finding these programs, PLEASE let me know, and i will try to help and see what i can find for you.

This is selfish, but my family can get something for free. My neice Cyndel has been entered in a photo contest, and there are ten participants i believe. Currently she is in second, and today is the last day to vote. To everybody here, if you would be so kind, PLEASE click on the link below and Vote for Melissa. It's actually Cyndel, but it's under her mother Melissa's name. Getting as many votes as possible is actually my birthday present to my brother, and so i hope she wins. Even if she doesn't though, i still thank you all who voted, and thought about voting. It only takes about 20 seconds, so my friends, and those who i don't know too well too, please vote for Cyndel, and don't be scared to share it with your friends. Thanks so much everyone. If she wins, i'll post many pics from the photo shoot here.

Vote For Cyndel!!!
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