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Originally Posted by danderson400
one moment i do remember about CBS and baseball in 91 my CBS station(WSPA in Spartanburg) stayed with a Braves Dodgers game after a rain delay when just the Alanta CBS station was supposed to do so.. i was shocked when that happened of course two weeks later CBS did that split screen with Dodgers Giants when the Braves were playing in Houston and won and the Giants game went into extras..
i remember also how the Dodgers Giants game on CBS kept going on and on while on my NBC station there was a "On Scene" episode with a look at rescue efforts following the 1990 crash of Avianca Airlines Flight 52 in New York, which were hampered by bad weather and heavy traffic i remember watching both until the Giants killed any chances of the Dodgers forcing a playoff with a home run i also remember the late Jack Buck(or maybe it was Dick Stockton) doing that game from San Fransisco

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