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I think more than anything Miley is a sad little girl who is being used by sleazy adults, to make mega money off of her. I hate to agree with Kathie Lee, but her observation that Larry Rudolph, who was Britney's manager during her meltdown, and is now Miley's manager, was an interesting observation!

I am not saying that Miley is totally without any responsibility for her behavior, but like Lindsey, Justin Beiber, Britney, and many other child stars who are not reaching their "expiration date", and need to transition, they are also the victims of adults using them, and advising them to make the quick buck. All of their parents make money off of their kids, and have no real jobs of their own, and also do nothing to take control of the sleazebags using them when they are underaged.

Britney's mom went clubbing with Britney when she was still and underaged kid, so did Lindsey's. Britney's mom let her be used in a provocative way with the little school girl outfitls and other routines that were IMO exploitive of a kid her age. Lindsey's parents lived off of her and talk about her to the media, and show no loyalty to her privacy.

Beiber's mom, who is supposedly so wonderful, also did nothing to take any control of who he hung out with when he was still underaged, and she lives off of him too.

Miley's dad - the one hit wonder- revived his career off of his kid! I also remember him talking about that provacative photoshoot back when she was a teen. He said he left the photoshoot, came back and low and behold- his daugher was taking barely dressed pics! He said he couldn't stop it! Really??? She was underaged! He also then said she had to "transition".

Of course these parents have no interest in keeping their kids' careers clean and safe, they are living off of them, and the money will run out if their kids do not have a career past their childhood star status.

Now Miley's mom and dad praise her and applaud her degrading, disgusting behavior, that is most likely all set up by the sleazebags in her management and record company to make bucks off of her before she fades away. Same goes for Beiber's mom, and the other sleazy rappers around Miley and Beiber, who are sucking money off of them.

I think no matter how smarta$$ Miley or Justin are, they come across like sad kids who look ridiculous with their tough street acts.

But, I think Miley and the others are a sad representation of what has always happened to child stars. Kids were always used like the "Our Gang" kids and others.

If they do not have protective parents - and even if they do- the entertainment industry takes away their normal childhood, and then gets a confused young adult and makes them believe that they are somehow really edgy and cool, when in fact they are on the way to crash and burn.

I think a good example of a parent who protected her kid, was Justin Timberlake's mom, and it shows.

I am not a prude, but it seems like more and more entertainment is just uncreative, tacky and sleazy, and MIley is being advised that that is the way to go.

When I turn on network sitcoms -which I rearly do since I think most are moronic- the sexual innuedos are flying out every two seconds, while a brain dead "live" audience laughs like crazy.

No longer do writers, singers or anyone in entertainment have to show real talent, and if they do have it, they have to disguise it behind some weirdo image like Lady Gaga, or over sexed imaged - or else they don't get noticed.

Too bad the Today show doesn't give Adelle the kind of press they give Miley, and we don't talk about her performaces for a month after they happen!

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