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Originally Posted by HelloLarry
While my bubble is intact you are correct!

I just popped my copy in that I burned off of tv and the scene goes like this. Can you tell us where the cut is at.

Right after credits in the diner:

Foley: Hey how do you like this Bunker eh? You know Whitey it's the third time this week he's dragged us over here to have lunch. He acts like he's got an interest in this joint.

Whitey: He has Foley man hey and here his interest comes now baby.

Denise: OK you're the BLT, Whitey you are the ham and cheese on onion roll. Where's Archie my super burger with everything and I do mean everything.

Whitey: Oh he's in the mens room making himself gorgeous just for you.

Foley: Hey Denise, what's Archie got that we ain't got eh?

Denise: What's Archie got that you ain't got eh? My Daddy's big blue eyes. (HEY NOW!*)

Cut to Archie in the bathroom...

Now when this episode aired on the network it was originally an hour, why it is split up in two parts is unknown on the DVD unless both of these are the syndicated episodes.

Similarly on season 1 of Archie Bunkers Place, the first episode originally aired as an hour and it too is split up in two parts on the DVD. The first part of that episode has little snippets of dialog missing here and there (I did have them in my off-air recording of that episode off of a local station so I do have it complete). I wonder if it will be a similar situation here with this episode.

This is a shame. I'll just hang on to my off air copy of this one so I have the scene (and any others yet to be determined that are missing). When Columbia House released the episodes they had the full hour lenght eps of Archie Gets the Business and California Here We Are from seasons 8 and 9. Hopefully they will be included in their original configurations if and when Shout! releases them.

I would not blame Shout! for this, they are only receiving what has been provided to them by Sony and unless you are really familiar with these episodes as hardcore fans like myself are, you probably wouldn't know these little bits were missing.

Overall however the series has been complete so while annoying, this won't keep me up at night. There is an episode in season 2 or 3, Archie and the Mob that has a little section cut out on the DVD yet was complete when it was part of the Columbia House tapes. I don't know why so many versions of things are out there.

*editorial comment, line not delivered in episode.
The DVD version cuts to Archie in the restroom, singing "You're too Marvelous".

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