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Jerry: Ladies and Gentlemen, on today's show, we'll be talking about families and friends. close knit famlies and friends. much closer than we thought. Let's bring out Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham and their daughter Joanie all the way from MILWAUKEE!!!
(The C's walk out with Joanie nervously walking on stage)

Marion: Hello, Jerry, how are you today?
Jerry: Marion, I should be asking you how do you feel today..
Marion: Well, our good friend, Arthur, said he had something very important to tell us. But I never knew he would bring us out in front of a live audience. oh dear...(starts to stress)
Jerry: And Howard?
Howard: I'm gonna kill Fonzie when he gets here
Jerry: And how are you today, little Joanie?
Joanie: Well, I have an idea about what Fonzie's gonna tell us since I saw...something...happen
(Audience oooh's,The C's look at her in shock)
Jerry: Well, on that cue, let's bring out FONZIE!!!!
(Audience screams hysterically, Fonzie walks out)
Fonzie: Uh, hey Mr. and Mrs. C
Jerry: Fonzie, do you have something important to tell them?
Fonzie: Yeah, Jerry, just give me a moment (voice starts to break). Mr. and Mrs. C, you guys have been my parents. You're the greatest people on this earth since leather jackets were invented. Joanie, you've been like a little sister to me, I adore you with all my heart. Red....Richie's been special to me....verrrry special.....
Howard: (starts to understand) how...special?
Fonzie: Mr. C.....I love your son!
(Howard gets up to attack Fonzie, but Steve stops him. Marion starts to scream and cry and laugh alternatively. Joanie rushes at him and manages to kick him)
Fonzie: I know you're upset. And I'm....s--so--s-sorry to say this, but he loves me too!
(Howard tries harder to kill Fonzie)
Jerry: Well, let's bring out Richie Cunningham!
(Audience boos, Richie walks out on stage and he and Fonzie "go at it" on stage, Howard starts to scream and curse)
Richie: Dad, Mom....Joanie. I'm very sorry to hurt you, but it started so long ago! We had our bits and pieces of affairs when he wasn't living in the house yet. But when he moved in (he rubs Fonzie's hand), we became very close. All those times I'd go up there for "advice" from Fonzie...yeah...we did more than talk!
(Howard breaks lose from Steve and almost kills Richie, but Fonzie steps in and they have a little fight till Steve breaks them up, Audience: STEVE STEVE STEVE)
Marion: Oh Richard! How could you? ARTHUR!!! I thought you were like a son to me!!!
Fonzie: I was like a son, Mrs. C
Joanie: Sons don't have relationships with their brothers!
Fonzie: I was a very close son.
Marion: But what about all those girls?
Fonzie: It was a hide my true feelings from the world so I would not be humilated!
Jerry: have something to tell Fonzie, don't you?
(Audience: Ooooh, Fonzie stares hard at Richie and even Howars stops struggling to watch)
Riche: Fonzie, you can't blame me for this. I was...tired..and I needed weren't there...I thought it wouldn't amount to anything....
Jerry: Let's bring out Richie's Greenland Fire!
(Audience screams as a figure walks out)
Person: How are ya! How are ya! How are ya!

That...took a lot of personal pain. hee hee, quite possibly the scariest thing yet, I was wondering why no one mentioned it. I'll finish it later...
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