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Ok...if you insist! LOL

Jerry: Ok, welcome back. Today we're talking to people who are secretly in love with their stepchildren.
(Audience boos and groans)
Jerry: Before we went to break we talked to Al, who has some disturbing news for his wife, Louisa. Let's bring Louisa out!
(Audience applauds)
Louisa: Al, what's wrong, you look sick honey. Did you put too much oregano in your spaghetti sauce again?
Al: *takes Louisa's hand* No...sweetheart...I have something to tell you. I...I'm in love with someone else.
(Audience groans in empathy as Louisa gasps)
Louisa: What?! Oh my god! Who is she? Who is she?!
Al: It''s..
Jerry: *interrupting* Let's bring out the OTHER WOMAN!
(Chachi comes bounding onstage with his guitar, thinking he's there to play a gig)
Al: Chachi, Chachi, Chachi...
(Audience boos)
Louisa: Al! How could you? He's my son!
Al: But he's just so cute!
Chachi: *still confused at the audiences reaction* But I didn't play anything yet!
Jerry: The story gets even more exciting folks. When we come back, Chachi's girlfriend has some shoking news. Stay with us.

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