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Default Had AD continued between 1966-74...

Remember Jonathan Prince's long-term vision for AD was to go from 1963-74, JFK's assassination to Watergate.

Let's pretend for a moment that his vision had played out according to planned. What would you have liked to have seen between August of 1966 (that's was where we were at the end of season 3) and August of 1974?

I would have liked to have seen Frank Rizzo's mayoral campaign in the fall of 1971. Maybe a plotline where Jack tries once again to expose Rizzo's role in orchestrating bribes on the city council, and having JJ beat up at a traffic stop for Jack's voting record on the council.

Or I would have liked to have seen Patty go off to Radcliffe College in 1968 (merged with Harvard in 1970), where she encounters the student radicalism of that era.

I also was so much looking forward to seeing the Doors, CCR and Jimi Hendrix on Bandstand.
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