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Here are a few more...

In this episode Rose's mother is visiting and Blanche has been taking an aerobics class. Her instructor is a hot, young guy and he asks Blanche out on a date.

Blanche: "Dirk is a few years younger than I am."
Dorothy: "In what Blanche, dog years?"

Same eppy

Blanche is all dressed for her date with Dirk and is waiting for him to arrive, she and Dorothy are talking about her relationship with Dirk. Dirk finally shows up and tells Blanche how pretty she looks. Blanche asks Dirk to wait in the van for a minute.

Blanche: "I believe I heard the word gorgeous. I am going to live forever!"
Dorothy: "Not outside an institution."

In this episode Blanche is trying to buy a new car and she comes outside to show Sophia and Rose.

Blanche: "Girls you will never believe what I decided to get."
She set the magazine on the table.
Sophia: "You decided to install a trapeze over your bed."

I got a lot of these but I will post more later...
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