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Default The reason why most discontinued WB comedies need to be rebooted... different networks is because:

1.) Some of the WB comedies fit and relate to the entire WB network, but never relate to WB president Jamie Kellner.

2.) Rest of the WB comedies relate to WB president Jamie Kellner, but never fit and never relate to the entire WB network.

3.) There is bad overrated relationship between Jamie Kellner and the entire WB network.

4.) The WB network is supposed to be real multi-genre type (comedy, drama and reality), but Jamie Kellner is considered more of both marketing executive and comedy president types rather than a real TV network president.

I know the WB network needs money desperately, but it need multi-genre type experience desperately at the same time. Jamie cannot lack both and, of course, the WB network was officially shut down because of him, TBH, IMO.
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