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Originally Posted by Clint Eastwood Fan
My back just won't get better. It seems to be worse when I go to bed. It gets so stiff. On top of that I have a cold. I've been sneezing all day and my eyes are watery.
That's terrible Sonny. Spinal pain is the worst kind of pain. That's what I have, but in my neck, where the spine starts. Is it your lower back, which is your lumbar spine? That's what Lou had. He had a herniated disc that actually popped while he was in the shower. We were so lucky that he didn't fall. He screamed, and he had to use my back as a resting thing, so I could lower him to the floor. He's no lightweight either! lol
If this keeps up, you may need to have an MRI. I'd hate to see it turn into something serious. Lou had to have that spinal fusion surgery, but I doubt it will come to that.
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