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Originally Posted by Regulus
Don't knock it! The Hayes Code and the Television Code may not have been perfect, but they WORKED! Since you couldn't have Graphic Sex and Violence, producers concentrated on other things, and the result was QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT, not the Garbage we have now!
I basically agree.And I'm no prude.If they still had the Hayes code etc. alot of junk that has ruined tv would not be on the air.Like Jerry Springer type shows being one example of many.Most modern tv caters to the lowest common denominator of viewer,whether it's the so-called 'news' stations,talk shows,regular tv shows etc.Not to mention commercials that have become so obnoxious.--Now it might not improve the quality of tv shows much--because in my opinion,for the most part they no longer have the talent to make good programs,but it would keep some of the garbage off the air.

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