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batman vs super man dawn of justice
my brother got me suicide squad!!
pete's dragon reboot
gods not dead 2 christian movie
moms night out christian movie
jason born
taken 3
seventh son sci fi movie
priest sci fi movie
the last 2 star trek movies
the minions computer Anmited movie
big hero six computer Anmited movie
secret life of pets computer Anmited movie
independence day 2: resuger

tv series on blu ray
agent carter the first seaon
the flash second seoan
super girl the first seaon

tv series gotten on dvd
heath cliff the Complete Animated tv series
the rockford files the complete tv series including the tv movies volume one & 2

other stuff i gotten for chrsitmas money i got $225 bucks then i got 2 movie gift cards!!
2 super hero marvel -t-shirts
1 captian american super hero marvel pajama pants
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