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Some of my favorites are:

Rose: Hey, that's my tractor got its start right there.
Dorothy: Wasn't the musical version called Hey, hey that's my tractor?

Blanche is talking about getting caught in the act...Rose: What act? Dorothy: Second act of my fair lady.

Rose: Do you think she's (Blanche) is depressed about Rebecca?
Dorothy: No, she's depressed because Marblehead Manor is only on once a week.

Dorothy: My mother needs money to have an operation done (from the episode where Dorothy is betting at the track). She's having her face done.
Rose: How's she getting it done?
Dorothy: Southwestern Rose!!

Blanche: It is just like the story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
Rose: Or the story of Rose and Charlie Nylund
Dorothy: You know when I think of one, I automatically think of the other

Rose asks about Dorothy being upset and she replies No I'm upset because they haven't rerun The Facts of Life goes to Australia.
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