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Originally Posted by MrCleveland
Okay...this is a bit personal, but...when I was going home from shopping, someone started to make a move on me which made me VERY uncomfortable. This was on public transportation and I called the transit cops, but they weren't able to find the ****!

I now refuse to ride public transportation because of this! I need my lawyer to get the car **** and that done fast!

I may take the law in my own hands, but... should I buy a can of mace just in case this guy tries to make a move on me or no? I'm sorry... I had to spill my guts 'cause this is eating me VERY bad... I feel sooooo dirty!
Where does all this end though? Are you going to buy a gun as well just in case your adversary has one?

I'm not judging because we in the UK have had a spate of knife crime and acid attacks. Anything that can be turned into a lethal weapon these criminals will use.

My advice for what it is worth is to go about your business with your head down, and move away from confrontation the first time it rears its ugly head.

Sad, but a sign of the times.
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