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I know I am not answering exactly as you asked the question. Perhaps you only want to hear the name of the character. However, who my favorite character is, has changed throughout the years.

Sure, a lot of you will laugh, but I have ALWAYS tended to like a character because she or he can do things or has done something that I would like to do even though I may not necessarily like the character in other ways. Or, I may admire the character in certain ways though not other ways.

As I kid, I had a few favorite cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny because he used to be able to get into and out of trouble and outsmart others. Yet, I actually would have wanted to be like Elmer Fudd in a way because he was the hunter and knew how to use a rifle and he was not the one being pursued all the time even though he had to deal with a lot of problems that Bugs or Daffy would cause for him, (not that I have ever hunted and I don't like killing animals). Also, he was independent and lived alone. I particularly noticed this in some of the episodes in which he was in his very big spacious home and even did his own cooking. I envied that when I was a kid.

I also used to watch a certain TV show called "The Double Deckers" which was a Saturday-morning kids show with real actors playing different kids and it was a British TV show and the youngest kid was a girl of about 7 by the name of "Tiger." I never saw her be dumb and girly and she was supposed to be the proverbial Tomboy (which is a term I almost always disliked), but she was adventurous and sometimes solved the problems of the other kids she hung out with and she was presented as a kid who is a girl, not a girl who is a kid. She is one of the few female characters who I liked.

I did like The Monkees when I was a bit older and though I would have wanted to be the youngest like Davy, I disliked the fact that he mainly played a tambourine. So I think I wanted to be more like Peter or Mike. I did not like the idea of playing the drums like Mickey because drums are hard to carry around with you, unlike a guitar, but I also would NOT want to be the guy who is the zaniest and always attracting attention to himself for acting silly.

I liked Hot Lips Houlihan because she was tough and funny but I did not like the way she was also sensual.

I could name more but at this point in my life I have watched various TV shows and have more than one favorite character, but right now I think if I were to mention one, it would be "Joan Girardi" of "Joan of Arcadia."

I am not actually a religious person, and Joan Girardi is a typical female teen in many ways which is not what I like about her, but she is nevertheless intelligent, and her life does not focus constantly on which guy she can date. You can understand what it must be like for her always being put by "God" to solve problems out of the blue oftentimes with no apparent reason for the particular task and she has had to just walk in a store and insist on being given a job when the store owner was not hiring, and she has had to make friends with an old woman who was a hermit in her own home who did not want friends, she has had to rescue another girl from getting hit by a car, she has had to do a lot of time-consuming projects for school, etc.

She is an unusual character when it comes to teen females.

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