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Originally Posted by Zenna
I've always preferred Here's Lucy over The Lucy Show because her real kids were on it rather than the fake kids of The Lucy Show. Also, on Here's Lucy, it made more sense that Gale Gordon played her brother-in-law and boss, rather than just a boss like in The Lucy Show. Since they were family in Here's Lucy, it was understandable that he'd put up with her mistakes. Whereas on The Lucy Show, it never made sense that Mr. Mooney would keep her on when she was such a mess.

I was also disappointed that Desi Jr wasn't used as much as he should have been. He was talented, good looking, and could have been a real asset, but instead they chose to showcase Lucy's comedy, a woman who should have learned by then to act more mature instead of acting endlessly goofy. After all, we do learn how to behave like adults at some point (usually). I was extremely saddened when Desi Jr decided not to continue because I preferred the family format of Here's Lucy: Lucy, Kim, Craig, and Harry.

The best part of The Lucy Show for me were the episodes with Vivian Vance and Mary Wickes.

I'm thinking maybe Desi Jr. wanted to quit after the third season because he wanted to further his career. He was in a bunch of made for TV movies after Here's Lucy. And at that point he was really growing up and very nice looking! Maybe he didn't want to be on his mothers show anymore. I don't blame him. But I agree, the show wasn't the same without him. I was a little girl when Here's Lucy was on and I thought he was a cute 'older boy" LOL!!! Now , watching on Cozi TV , I totally am checking him out. Wow season 2 and he is HOT! When they get to season 4 and 5 without him , he really will be missed!

I really love Lucy, I think her comedy style is funny, yes she is goofy, but that is how she is supposed to be portrayed. She's a very talented lady. And she wasn't that young anymore in Here's Lucy, and to still have the energy to do all that physical comedy! I liked Lucie too, she was a very sweet girl! And I love Gale Gordon too! I did like how it was family, with him playing her brother in law!

Back to Desi Jr. It would have been so cool if he got his own spin off series if he didn't want to be on his Mom's show any more. Maybe a sitcom about him and his friends, maybe have them be in a band, getting girls, showing some romantic scenes. A show more geared towards teenagers and young adults rather than for young children and older people like Here's Lucy!

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