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You know, speaking as a half-Sicilian, I should probably object to the constant, negative image this show painted of Sicily.

I've actually read an entire book about the country, and it's actually a beautiful Mediterrian island, which, because of its size, has a history of being invaded and conquered by numerous different countries. Mount Etna has provided the most unique lava-infused soil that grows the world's most delicious lemons. Sadly, a recent segment on 60 Minutes revealed that the Mafia, does indeed, still run rampant there, tainting even the olive oil the island produces. Sad

But considering it's my favorite sit-com, and I love Betty White so much, I guess I'll just let my sense of humor override my sense of outrage, and take it for what it was meant....a silly attempt at humor at the expense of a random country. Guess we Sicilians have tough hides
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