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Originally Posted by Penny Lane
Those reunion episodes were so full of errors and inconsistencies. They were supposed to have gone into the 1960's. Well, Grandma and the Baldwin sisters should have been dead by then. Also in these movies John Curtis is not even mentioned. Back in the 80's a Waltons movie was made in which MaryEllen was in a dilemma about marrying Jonesy because she couldn't have anymore children. Then miraculously in a 90's reunion she and Jonsey had 3 children! But John Curtis is no where to be seen! And in another movie Ben and Cindy's daughter had died (no explanation) and the son that they had in the last season of the Waltons is not mentioned. In that movie Cindy is depressed because she hasn't any children. I cannot understand why Earl Hamner approved of these stupid scripts!
I bought the set with the 6 movies, the first 3 which were made right after the series felt like they were part of the show, but the 3 made in the 90's. It felt like they just ignored the first 3 movies, and much of the stuff that happened in the series. They also got it wrong about Grandpa's death, they didn't have enough years between the movie and when he died.
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