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Default There was another good reason "HAZEL" became one of the first regular sitcoms..... be telecast in color in the fall of 1962. Her sponsor, the Ford Motor Company, wanted their ads (and cars) to have the best advantage to be seen by potential car owners in "living color"....just as they had been during the final seasons of Ford's previous Thursday night NBC series, "THE FORD SHOW STARRING TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD". And they had the money to do it.
They had already requested two "experimental" color episodes during the first season (one of them involving Hazel's color TV set!), and wanted to "go" color, full-time, that fall. Screen Gems-Columbia, "HAZEL"'s producer, wouldn't have done it on their own without the sponsor's "big pockets". And when Ford relinquished the show after its fourth season, Screen Gems continued to film color episodes when the series moved to CBS in September 1965 (for Procter & Gamble and Philip Morris, the new alternate sponsors).
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