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Originally posted by bb25
So they started filming in color towards the end of the first season? That's pretty interesting...most shows (except higher budget) used black and white until 65 or 66...
Well, that's NBC for you. It filmed as many shows in color as it could afford in order to promote RCA color sets. NBC also had The Joey Bishop Show in color from 1962-64, but when NBC cancelled it and CBS took it over, it went back to B&W for its last 1964-65 season. I read somewhere that Desilu filmed The Lucy Show in color starting in 1963, and this is apparent in the reruns, but CBS wouldn't broadcast the show in color until 1965. I'm sure NBC would've shown the Lucy Show in color back in 1963, if it hadn't pushed for color even earlier. By the time that CBS picked up Hazel in 1965, it had accepted color as being "here to stay", so most of its sitcoms and other shows were in color starting that year.
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