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Originally Posted by TMC
What I mean is that actors/actresses who seemed bitter about the roles that brought them fame. For example:
  • Eve Plumb - This of course depends on your own point of view being that it's already well established that she and her Brady Bunch sister Maureen McCormick don't get along too well as of late. And it could have more to to with Plumb not necessarily having sentimental feelings about her time on The Brady Bunch like everybody else.

    Gary Coleman - In fairness, he was understandably angry about his parents and handlers stealing much of his earnings. He never had any pretense about being a leading man and was quite aware of his limitations in the business due to his ethnicity, physical stature, and looks. When he became a security guard, it was the media and public that made a big deal about that - he wasn't embarrassed and saw it as a necessity.

    Tina Louise

    Priscilla Barnes - She has gone on record in saying that her time on Three's Company was the worst time of her life. Meanwhile, both Joyce DeWitt and Norman Fell were from my understanding not exactly bitter about their roles, but rather their treatment by the producers of Three's Company. Fell was always mad because he was pushed to do The Ropers and didn't want to lose a sure thing. He agreed to do it, if he could come back and the producers said, he could if the show didn't last so many episodes and it went like two or three episodes over the amount. DeWitt liked her role but felt the producers didn't value her contribution to the show at all.

    Vivian Vance

    Gary Burghoff

    Scott Baio - I don't know for sure if Baio is bitter about Happy Days or Charles in Charge per se or is simply just seemingly bitter in general.

    Jay North

    Janet Hubert - She has virtually spent the past 20 years or so painting her ex-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star, Will Smith as the devil incarnate.

    David Boreanaz apparently doesn't like to talk about Buffy and Angel, because he believes the showrunners screwed him over with royalties from these shows. Same goes for Kevin Sorbo and his Hercules (and Xena) show.

    Jennette McCurdy apparently hates Dan Schneider with a passion because of the shows she worked for him for Nickelodeon. Sam and Cat had like 40 episodes in its one and only season and then Dan and/or Nick canceled it.

    Lisa Bonet - The woman has been conspicuously absent from various Cosby Show reunions.

    John Amos - Bitter over the (perceived) minstrelization of Good Times, and over his pay. Also - Ester Rolle had similar issues.

    Max Baer - Hated that he was known for nothing more than playing Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies.

    Richard Dawson - He would allegedly rage at anyone who would dare mention Hogan's Heroes.

Gary Burghoff isn't bitter, he's a notorious *******. He was hated by many directors on MASH, and virtually everyone he worked with, similar to William Shatner. I had a friend who did a commercial with him and he said everyone on the set hated him.

Scott Baio should kiss the ground that someone with as little talent as he has had his life including Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert, Julie McCollouch, Heather Locklear, Melissa Gilbert and scores of others.

Richard Dawson was another person that was hated by almost anyone that knew him.

Originally Posted by lakesgirl
Suzanne Somers and Farrah Fawcett. They both shot to big fame fast, and then got a little too big for their britches (IMO) and left their shows.
Farrah and Suzanne became phenomenons bigger than their shows, especially Farrah. As offers poured in, they thought the shows were holding them back. In reality, the shows were holding them back from other people exploiting them instead of their shows.

I just nailed Mrs. Trumbull
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