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Blanche's sister Charmaine (after Blanche accuses her of writing a book based on Blanche's life): I wish my bank account was as big as your ego.

Then, Charmaine explains that she writes the same message every time she autographs a book: It's just like signing yearbooks. Remember? You always wrote the same thing: 'You were the first.' (I like the way she says it, when she's quoting Blance.)

Blanche: (to a fat guy singing in falsetto, auditioning for their talent show): Thank you, that was - very odd.
(from "You Gotta Have Hope" - and now that I think about it, the pause should be after "very.")

I also love those rare ocassions when Rose thinks something is naughtier than the other person means it to be:

Miles: What's this in my pocket (he's preparing to surprise her with a ring)
Rose: That line didn't work last night, and it's not gonna work tonight.
(Where's Charlie)

Sophia: Didn't you see that enormous thing in her bedroom? (meaning Blanche's new bed)
Rose: I thought she'd stopped seeing Roger.

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