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Originally Posted by Cheesecake101
But they were able to play the part of being best friends as Rose and Dorothy very convincingly. A truely good actor makes you believe their characters are real no matter what.
Absolutely. I've always admired how each of the four women played their characters. I just don't like what I've heard about Bea in real life. Makes me sad that someone blessed with such a privileged life couldn't just relax, be grateful, and enjoy it.

The incident described by Adrienne Barbeau when Bea disrupted a Broadway play with a drunken rant to demean the cast just further demonstrated that she needed to feel superior to others at all times. So her anger wasn't confined to just Betty.

As far as I know, no one else has had anything negative to say about Betty. At least, publicly. That's quite remarkable for someone who's been in Hollywood for over 70 years!
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