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Post remembering REAL PEOPLE , THATS INCREDIBLE, PM MAGAZINE and all its clones

Does anybody remember Real People with the team of Sarah Purcell, John Barbour, Bryon Allin and the late Skip Stevenson? Or its clones like Thats Incredible and The Wonderful World of People and the locay yet national PM Magazine? Even Bob Barker from TPIR hosted one of these clones, Thats my Line I think.

Though none of there were sitcoms some of their stories were quite funny and interesting. CBS Eye on People reran RP and TI as recently as 1999 but the channel changed hands and I dont even think the channel is still around.

Never forget the one Real People ep. where an entire town moved away but come back for a reunion or the contest to see which radio dj taked the fastest.

There were so many !!!
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